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Consultation for the Country Fiches

The compilation of an overview of the situation in each Member State on environmental portals is part of the project “Promoting good practices for national environmental information systems and tools for data collection at EU level”, running from 2017 to early 2019. An evaluation is made of the current situation in the Member States. This is done by evaluating how environmental information is disseminated in the countries. It is not an assessment, where the level of performance is determined with a focus on the process, but an evaluation focuses on making an assessment of values, figures or performance and that is focused on a product, the Environmental Information Systems (EIS).

For the consultation the the national contact points/contact points of the Aarhus Convention, the EIONET and the INSPIRE directive are invited to help us to improve the contry fiches. The prepared sheets of each Member State describe the current situation and we want feedback and rely on your expertise to give your comments on the country sheets. We would be very grateful if you could help us with feedback on the country’ fiches. We are aware that it will take up some of your valuable time!


It is important you read the background information on the evaluation of the Country Fiches.
It gives information on the how and why and additional information and on the criteria used in the evaluation!!


The process

We present for consultation the drafts of the Country Fiches. Each Member State will be invited through their contact points in the following networks: EIONET, Aarhus and INSPIRE to contribute in this consultation. The contractor will review your feedback and include it in the Country Fiches where applicable. Within the project a number of workshops were foreseen to ensure feedback from the relevant stakeholders both from the EU institutions and the involved stakeholders in the Member States. In Ispra at JRC on December 11-12th we will have the third and last workshop. In this workshop the final Country Fiches will be used as input for the discussion on the draft guidance document and the overall result on the project (see also this website).

What do we ask

The draft country fiche for your country is available on CIRCA, the link was sent to the contacts by DG Environment. We ask you to contribute in focussing on the following main questions:

  • Is it overall recognisable?
  • Are the described observations correct and if not, would what be the proposed changes?
  • Did we miss important elements?
  • Any improvements you could suggest?
  • On the website of the project you will find background documentation in the consultation section of the website (

Directions for the consultation

  • As a contact  you will find on CIRCA the draft documents, please do not redistribute, but you may of course share this within the network in your country
  • All general text (the same in all the fiches) are in italic
  • We used PDF to be sure the documents are unchanged when you recieve them
  • For your comments :
    • Use the numbers in the tables for your feedback
    • On text refer to the page and line number
    • If you refer to on-line resources, please supply the full URL’s
    • Comments are good, text proposals are even better
  • Please return your feedback before November 19


For additional information visit our website or contact us on the contact page